Failing smoke detectors put consumers at risk of injury or death

When consumers purchase items at the store, they generally expect that the products they purchase will work as claimed on the packaging and have been adequately tested for safety and performance. When the product in question is a safety critical device, like a smoke detector, the lives of the consumer and the lives of the […]

Company mislabels protein bars. Voluntary recall announced

People who suffer from allergies to peanuts and other ingredients commonly contained in many snack foods have to run a daily gauntlet when planning their meals. It’s vital that they pore over the labels on food products that the rest of us are able to gobble indiscriminately. Failing to ascertain that their bag of snacks […]

Does baby powder really cause cancer?

If you are a typical Kentucky resident, you probably grew up with baby powder; specifically, Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. Your mom undoubtedly shook it all over you when you were a baby because that is what her mother had taught her to do. You likely continued the family tradition and slathered your own children […]

How many vehicles were recalled in February?

If you are like many Kentucky residents, you may own a car, a truck and maybe a recreational vehicle. Naturally you expect them to be safe for you and your family to ride in and camp in. However, reports that quite a few vehicles were recalled in February for various types of mechanical and other […]

Current vehicles recalls that have safety-critical impacts

It seems like vehicle recalls make the news more often than not these days. From the Takata airbag recall to the Toyota recall over the shift levers, these recalls address critical safety issues. All drivers on the road should find out if their vehicles are the subjects of recalls. That way they can determine how […]