Follow these tips to reduce your car accident risk

Driving through Somerset is just as dangerous as driving through any other city in Kentucky. This is because there are thousands of people on the road all operating large pieces of machinery that can easily cause severe injuries and death if handled improperly. This means that each driver has a responsibility to follow traffic laws […]

What goes into an accident reconstruction?

If you have ever been involved in a Kentucky motor vehicle accident, you likely are familiar with the accident reports that local law enforcement officers submit, including the sketches of the accident scene that notes which vehicle ended up where and from which direction. What you may not be aware of, however, is that trained […]

Understanding medical device recalls

At the Law Office of Richard Hay, we realize that many Kentuckians have undergone surgery to have a medical device implanted in their bodies, such as a pacemaker, stent, artificial hip, etc. Often these devices malfunction or fail, and when they do, their manufacturers or the Food and Drug Administration recall them. As the FDA […]

Learn what to do after a product recall

You purchased the latest widget sold by Acme Enterprises. It worked well for you for its intended purpose. You considered yourself a satisfied customer. Out of the blue, you happen to read a report about a product recall of that very widget you bought. Despite the fact that you have never had any problems with […]