Lawsuits prompt drug company to report opioid deaths to FDA

The opioid epidemic has hit Kentucky and several neighboring states hard, and between civil lawsuits and criminal arrests of executives, both the citizenry and the government are taking steps to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers responsible for the role they have played in the crisis. Even with the increased awareness, however, a senior scientist with the Institute for […]

Delayed pain injuries pose a threat after a car accident

Car accidents can harm victims in many ways, including physically, emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous results of car accidents are not apparent right away. Many victims suffer needless harm for months or even years afterward. When a car accident occurs, the drivers and passengers involved probably experience a rush of adrenaline […]

Popular ice cream recalled due to potential nut issues

Food allergies are a serious concern for those who suffer from them and for those who provide care for older adults with children who have them. Thankfully, advances in labeling laws have made it easier for people to avoid items that contain ingredients to which they have an allergy. In fact, some allergies are so […]

Chronic sleep problems and driver fatigue

When someone has trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep, their life may be adversely affected in a multitude of ways. They may experience challenges in the workplace because they are so tired, or they could face health problems due to a lack of sleep. However, sleep problems can be especially concerning when it […]

Why is it riskier to drive at night?

Even when the sun sets in Kentucky, cars, tractor trailers and motorcycles still fill the roadways. Whether you are rushing home from work or are just going out to spend the evening with friends, driving at night can be more dangerous than driving during daylight hours. In fact, the National Safety Council reported that your […]