How can truck driver fatigue impact you?

Kentucky residents who share the road with truck drivers also may experience some of the unique risks associated with trucks. Today, we at the Law Office of Richard Hay will examine the impact of fatigue on truck drivers and how it can in turn impact you. First of all, any fatigued driver is going to […]

Does the flour in your pantry have E-coli contamination?

With fall headed toward Kentucky at full speed, many people are finally getting back into the kitchen after spending the whole summer grilling out or avoiding the oven and range. Before you dust off your favorite recipe for cake, sourdough or homemade fried chicken, you need to double-check and make sure that the flour in […]

What should know about defects and recalls?

If you rely on your car to get you around Kentucky, it’s important for that vehicle to be safe to drive. Unfortunately, cars and car parts can suffer from manufacturing defects that are dangerous enough to result in auto recalls. FindLaw takes a look at some of the most frequently asked questions related to auto recalls. […]