The top three reasons truck accidents occur

Many people are entertained when they see dangerous stunts performed on television. People are often portrayed as living on the edge. When it comes to highway safety, though, Kentucky residents know that pushing it to the edge leads to disastrous consequences. Here are the top three reasons why truck crashes happen. It has been estimated […]

German automaker agrees to $13 million payout over recall issues

Few consumer goods are as safety-critical as the motor vehicles people use for transportation. A car with defective components, particularly when the defects are in safety restraints or critical systems for the vehicle’s function (like brakes) puts drivers and passengers at unnecessary risk. There have been multiple, massive recalls in recent years stemming from single […]

How truck drivers can avoid jackknife situations

Some people believe that jackknifing is inevitable in dangerous situations, like when braking hard. Nevertheless, steps can be taken to prevent jackknifing among 18 wheelers and trucks that are pulling boats, trailers and other loads. Kentucky residents should become familiar with these steps in order to avoid accidents. The best way to prevent a jackknifing […]