Hit? Know the steps to take next and seek a fair settlement

Crashes can happen for various reasons, and people in Kentucky see a lot of them. If you take I-75 or other busy highways, then you’re probably used to seeing a crash every few days. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you are the victim of a car crash in Somerset or a nearby area. […]

NDMA found in 4th-most prescribed medication in the U.S.

When a medication that you take is found to have a carcinogen in its makeup, it can make you furious. Yes, you need the medication, but you don’t want to increase your risk of getting cancer because of certain ingredients being present. High levels of a probable carcinogen called NDMA were found in the diabetes […]

Children again face injuries from strong magnets

Children in Kentucky and across the country faced threats of injury from small and extremely strong magnets when they hit the toy market several years ago. Several children were hospitalized, and the magnet toys were banned as a result. The small balls can be swallowed. Once inside the digestive system, they can pull together and […]

Bill to let CDL holders under 21 drive interstate raises concern

Kentucky residents who work in the trucking industry should know about the hearing that the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Transportation and Safety held regarding certain trucking-related issues. The most prominent of these issues was the proposal of a bill back in February 2019 that, if passed, would allow CDL holders under the age of 21 […]