Despite the danger, too many Americans continue to run red lights

From distracted driving to reckless risk-taking, too many U.S. drivers continue to treat a red light as a suggestion rather than a potentially life-saving traffic signal. In a recent study, the American Automobile Association found that red-light running deaths reached a 10-year high in 2017. Statistics show an increase in injuries and fatalities The AAA […]

Which complications accompany broken ribs?

A serious car accident may lead to all kinds of injuries, including whiplash, head/brain trauma, soft tissue damage, and broken bones. Broken ribs are a common result of car crashes, and in some cases these injuries are relatively minor (if not uncomfortable). However, broken ribs can also cause you to experience more serious complications, as […]

Medical misdiagnosis impacts 20% of patients, study finds

Making a correct medical diagnosis is often difficult for many reasons. When your doctor gives you an incorrect diagnosis, though, it may have a serious impact on your prognosis. Research shows that medical misdiagnosis is far more common than many people think. A recent study has shined a spotlight on how often and why it […]

What if I’m hit by a distracted driver?

You are on your way to work when morning, listening to the radio as you drive along. When you exit the freeway and need to stop for a sudden red light, you quickly realize the driver behind you isn’t stopping. You even notice that she is texting while driving. Before you can blink, she hits […]

McCracken County crash injures six people

An interesting dilemma may exist when people in Kentucky suffer injuries stemming from car accidents in which they were passengers. In most cases, those traveling as a passenger in a vehicle know the driver, and having a personal relationship may dissuade one from seeking legal action against another. However, the debilitating nature of a car […]