Company mislabels protein bars. Voluntary recall announced

People who suffer from allergies to peanuts and other ingredients commonly contained in many snack foods have to run a daily gauntlet when planning their meals. It’s vital that they pore over the labels on food products that the rest of us are able to gobble indiscriminately. Failing to ascertain that their bag of snacks is free of these ingredients can make — at best — for several really uncomfortable hours with a roiling gut.

For those who suffer from severe food allergies but neglect to diligently scan each label, the worst case scenario could be a lethal one. Although, fortunately, it is a rare side effect, some allergy sufferers who inadvertently ingest foods containing peanuts or other nuts can develop anaphylaxis, a possibly life-threatening complication where the allergic person’s breathing is impaired and they go into shock.

Obviously, that is to be avoided at all costs, which is why these folks pore over each label and engage waiters in extended dialogues about food preparations in restaurants. But what happens when the manufacturers of some of these products that can potentially sicken or even kill their allergic customers are remiss in their duty to list all of the ingredients contained in their food products?

Enter the recall

Responsible companies that realize they dropped the labeling ball will proactively issue voluntary recalls of their products to avoid any harm coming to their customers. Such was the case earlier this month for one Frisco, Texas, snack manufacturer.

On March 5, IDLife, a health and wellness company that offers nationwide distribution of customized nutritional products through its direct-to-consumer distribution network, voluntarily recalled their line of snack bars. The reason given for the recall is that the company learned during a quality control review process that some of their products’ labels may not accurately list some of the ingredients they contain — namely, coconut oil, almonds and peanuts.

After the company learned of the omission, further investigation revealed that the genesis of the problem was an issue at IDLife’s snack bar contract manufacturer. Apparently, there was a lapse in that facility’s quality control procedures.

The affected and recalled products are packaged individually in the brand’s foil wrappers.

Improperly labeled snack bars

If you are a member of this distributor network and suffer from allergies to nuts or coconut oil, below is a list of the recalled products:

1. Product: Protein Bar

Flavor: Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Lot Numbers: PR33471; PR31771; PR31971

Best By Date: March 13, 2018; March 15, 2018; March 20, 2018

Undeclared Allergen(s): Almonds

2. Product: Snack Bar

Flavor: Chocolate & Almond

Lot Numbers: SN32071; SN30771

Best By Date: March 16, 2018; March 19, 2018

Undeclared Allergen(s): Peanuts

3. Product: Kids Bar

Flavor: Chocolate & Mixed Berry

Lot Numbers: A3617-1; 03047-1

Best By Date: April 26, 2018

Undeclared Allergen(s): Almonds and coconut oil

It should be noted that the snack bars have not been determined to have caused any allergic reactions or illnesses.

Consumers with allergies who purchased the snack bars listed on the recall should return them to the company for full refunds. To learn more about the recall or to get a refund, please contact IDLife at (972) 987-4430 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Did you get sick from or injured by a mislabeled, recalled or dangerous product? You may be able to be compensated for your injuries and other damages.