Uninsured and underinsured drivers can cause financial issues

Motor vehicles are a source of convenience in modern society. However, they are also a source of great risk. Because they travel at high speeds, the potential is always there for a serious crash. The result could be catastrophic property damage or severe injuries. Some crashes even prove fatal to the occupants of the vehicles involved.

It only makes sense then that the state of Kentucky requires that all drivers carry mandatory liability insurance. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle on public roads unless it has insurance on it. You want to follow the laws. That means that you maintain an insurance policy on your vehicle, in compliance with Kentucky laws.

However, that insurance may not protect you if someone else does not have a policy. Crashes with uninsured or underinsured drivers can leave you financially vulnerable.

Uninsured drivers put everyone at risk

Some people can’t afford the monthly premiums for motor vehicle insurance. Other people simply forget to pay their bill. Regardless of what the cause is, you could be at risk of financial devastation if you get into a crash caused by someone who does not have an active insurance policy.

Generally speaking, the policy of the person who causes the crash pays for the damages that results. When that driver does not have a policy, your insurance company may refuse to cover the expenses related to the collision.

Minimum insurance policies don’t always cover much

The state only requires that a driver have $10,000 worth of property damage coverage. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how a totaled vehicle could cost your family much more than that to replace or repair. If the other driver only has $10,000 worth in coverage and your car costs $30,000 to replace, you could end up paying that extra $20,000, even if the other driver is responsible for the crash.

State requirements for medical liability coverage are not much better. For a crash where one person ends up hurt or killed, the minimum coverage is $25,000. For a crash with multiple victims, the lowest amount of coverage is $50,000. Again, it wouldn’t take much for a single crash to far exceed those coverage limits. Your family could be stuck with major medical costs not covered by automobile insurance.

Whether the other driver did not have a policy or only had a minimum policy, you need to take steps to protect yourself. Ideally, you will add a special rider to your insurance policy that protects you from a crash with an uninsured or underinsured driver. It only costs a few dollars more a month, and the protection and peace of mind it offers can be invaluable. Barring that, you may have to pursue damages in civil court.