What are common causes of truck accidents?

As a motorist in Kentucky, you may be familiar with driving alongside commercial tractor trailers on a regular basis. These massive vehicles are vital to the economy, as they distribute necessary goods across the state and throughout the country. Due to their length, height and weight, tractor trailers must be operated by specially trained drivers who know how to handle large vehicle. Tractor trailers pose a serious danger to other vehicles on the road. It is critical that you understand what causes truck accidents, so you can minimize your risk of being involved.

One common cause of catastrophic accidents involves drowsy, drunk and distracted truckers. Truck drivers should keep their full attention on the road at all times to be able to react to vehicles that pull in front of them, slowing traffic and construction zones. Bad weather conditions, including rain, fog, snow, ice and wind, can cause trucks to jackknife, tip over or slide. If trucks are loaded improperly, the load can shift during the course of travel and increase the risk of the trailer tipping over.

If trucks are not properly maintained, an equipment malfunction may occur on the road. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, drivers must inspect their vehicles prior to travel. Furthermore, trucking companies are responsible for maintaining their fleet of trucks.

It is important that you avoid pulling out in front of commercial trucks, as these vehicle needed a longer distance to stop. Try to stay out of tractor trailers’ blind spots and never pull up alongside big trucks when they are attempting to turn.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.