Manual transmission, inexperience and the risk of a crash

In recent years, vehicles with automatic transmission have become increasingly common. Many drivers prefer the convenience associated with these types of vehicles and would rather avoid some of the tasks that come with driving a stick shift. However, there are many vehicles with manual transmission on the road, and some people may not have very much familiarity with driving these vehicles. Unfortunately, this could increase the chances of something going wrong, especially if a driver is completely clueless with respect to driving a stick shift.

Inexperienced drivers can endanger the safety of others on the road in many ways. Whether they do not have much familiarity with certain road conditions, such as ice and snow, or they simply have not spent much time behind the wheel and do not respond appropriately in certain situations. Someone who has never driven a stick shift may take their mental focus and eyes off of the road to switch gears or try to figure out how to use the clutch, for example. Moreover, operating a vehicle improperly can be concerning as well.

Drivers can become quite distracted when they are uncertain about certain aspects of operating a vehicle, and they may be more likely to cross over into oncoming traffic, collide with a vehicle in front of them, run a stop sign or exhibit some other form of dangerous behavior. Sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause of a motor vehicle collision, so it is essential to carefully examine any factors that may have led to the crash.