Semi-truck, bus involved in fatal Kentucky crash

State authorities in Kentucky closed down a stretch of Interstate 65 near Bowling Green, Kentucky, for most of the day last Thursday after an SUV allegedly collided with a semi-truck and a Greyhound bus carrying 37 passengers. The crash resulted in the death of the SUV driver. Multiple people aboard the bus, including the driver, required transportation to the hospital for injuries.

The SUV reportedly hit both the bus and the semi-truck head-on while traveling northbound in I-65’s southbound lanes, for reasons that are still unclear. The collision occurred during the early morning hours. The SUV caught on fire as a result, and authorities pronounced the driver dead at the scene. Occupants of the semi-truck included a driver and passenger, neither of whom reported any injuries.

Reports vary as to how many bus passengers went to the hospital for reported injuries after the crash. Five or six passengers may have received treatment, but it is unclear whether these reports include the driver. Authorities describe the passengers’ injuries as minor and the bus driver’s injuries as serious but not life-threatening. The hospital had released all the injured bus occupants following treatment as of the early-to-mid evening on the day of the crash.

As this incident dramatically illustrates, regardless of who is at fault in a collision between a passenger vehicle and a large commercial vehicle, occupants of the former often come off the worst. Those who have experienced loss or injury in a commercial vehicle accident may find it helpful to contact an attorney.