Acne-light mask recall stems from potential eye injuries

For many teenagers and even adults, acne is the bane of their existence. There are many kinds of acne from which people can struggle, from simple individual whiteheads and blackheads to painful cystic acne which can be disfiguring and very difficult to treat. It’s no wonder that so many people are desperate to find acne treatments that can help them resolve their serious skin issues.

For years, people have used astringent face cleaners, prescription facial creams and even pills like Accutane to control the development of acne. Recently, the bath and beauty company Neutrogena began marketing a new solution in addition to the masks, cleansers, foams and creams they already sell.

Their newest acne treatment system involves a face mask that emits specialized blue and red light onto the skin. Many people who use these masks reported excellent rates of success at reducing their acne. Unfortunately, those same masks are now the subject of a major recall.

Acne fighting facial masks with lights could do damage to your eyes

Shining a bright light into your eyes, even if the light is a special color intended to treat acne, can cause serious damage to your vision and your eyes themselves. Originally, Neutrogena claimed that these masks were safe for the public to use, but that turned out to not be the case.

If users do not carefully follow the instructions provided by the company, they could wind up with permanent injuries. Some people are so desperate for the acne relief promised by Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask and Activator that they choose to use it more than once a day as the company recommends.

Neutrogena continues to assert that the mask is safe provided that users limit themselves to a single session each day. However, they are still initiating a recall order to protect the eyes of their customers.

Consumers with serious injuries from products may have rights

People who use these Neutrogena light masks could experience a range of negative effects from a change in the pigment of their eyes to injury to their retinas. In some cases, that retinal damage could accelerate or exacerbate eye damage caused by genetics or age. Losing your vision or having impaired vision because of a consumer product is a serious issue.

People who suffer significant injuries caused by products that companies market as safe for public use may have the right to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer for the injuries they suffered. The amount they seek could include both decreased earning potential or lost wages and the medical costs associated with those injuries. If you or someone in your family has suffered a serious injury caused by a defective product, talking with an experienced product liability attorney is a good first step.