Bus collides with truck in Rockcastle County

An accident involving a large truck can be devastating, no matter how many people were involved. However, it is even more terrifying and dangerous when a truck crash involves another large passenger vehicle, such as a bus. With many large trucks and buses traveling along Kentucky’s highways, serious accidents sometimes occur.

One such accident happened in August in Rockcastle County. According to a report from Insurance Journal, a truck collided with a Greyhound bus on Interstate 75 that was on its way from Atlanta, Georgia, to Cincinnati, Ohio. There were not many details about the accident, but one bus passenger said others in the bus were thrown forward by the impact. The bus’s right side sustained significant damage, and 17 people were hospitalized in unknown condition. It was unclear whether the truck involved was a big rig, but it was reported to have been flipped onto its side.

Authorities were unclear on how the accident occurred or which driver was at fault. However, there are many potential causes common with trucks and buses, any of which may have been a factor in the accident. One of the drivers may have been fatigued or distracted. Since the accident occurred at 4:30 pm, traffic may have been a factor. One of the drivers could have been under the influence of medication or alcohol. It is also possible one of the vehicles was experiencing mechanical problems or blew a tire.

The outcome of this accident, as well as who was at fault, remains to be seen. As with other accidents involving trucks or buses, those who are injured may be eligible to seek compensation from the responsible party.