How can truck driver fatigue impact you?

Kentucky residents who share the road with truck drivers also may experience some of the unique risks associated with trucks. Today, we at the Law Office of Richard Hay will examine the impact of fatigue on truck drivers and how it can in turn impact you.

First of all, any fatigued driver is going to be a dangerous one. Exhaustion seriously impairs a driver’s ability to function. In fact, driving while sleep deprived can actually be comparable to driving while under the influence in terms of how badly your reflexes, attention, and thought process can be affected. Drivers are less capable of stopping themselves from getting into crashes and more likely to make the mistakes that can lead to them.

Unfortunately, this can be particularly dangerous when truck drivers are involved. This is due to the size and weight of a truck. One wrong move can have a truck taking out multiple other drivers on the road, blocking off entire lanes of traffic, and causing chain reaction collisions with other vehicles on the road. The devastating mass of a truck can easily total smaller cars, resulting in even more serious injuries to the unexpected drivers who get caught in the crossfire.

If you have been involved in any sort of incident with a truck, consider taking a look at our web page on trucking crashes, linked here. Along with contacting an experienced attorney, you can learn more about your compensation options and how to handle dealing with the insurance companies that will stand behind a professional trucker.