The top three reasons truck accidents occur

Many people are entertained when they see dangerous stunts performed on television. People are often portrayed as living on the edge. When it comes to highway safety, though, Kentucky residents know that pushing it to the edge leads to disastrous consequences. Here are the top three reasons why truck crashes happen.

It has been estimated that in 23% of truck crashes, the vehicles were traveling too fast. They were going way too fast for the traffic conditions, weather conditions and roadway. When roads are wet or icy or have snow packed on them, speeds should be lowered.

The most common factor in truck crashes is brake problems. When poor brakes are combined with excessive speed, it is a recipe for disaster. Brakes need to be properly maintained in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

It is impossible for truck drivers to be familiar with every road. However, if truck drivers can prepare in advance, they can lessen their chances of being involved in a crash. Unfamiliarity with the roadway often leads to accidents. It is wise to plan the route in advance, get familiar with how long it will take to get to the destination and which alternate routes are available.

While living on the edge and performing stunts may be entertaining on television, unsafe driving in real life leads to accidents that cause serious injury and death. Due to the size difference between trucks and passenger vehicles, those who are in passenger cars are the most likely to suffer. Individuals who have sustained injuries in truck accidents may want to discuss their cases with attorneys. A lawyer could examine the case and present information in front of a judge that may prove that truck driver fatigue, or some other form of negligence, caused the accident. An attorney could also help the victim get compensation for his or her medical expenses and pain and suffering.