Dresser recalled because of entrapment concerns

Many people in the Somerset area enjoy modern and well-made furniture. There are lots of places to now get our furniture online, but with so many different furniture manufacturers it can be hard to know which manufacturers are making safety their first priority and which products are safety hazards.

A popular online furniture store, Joybird, recently recalled a popular dresser that they sell. The dresser was recalled because the company did not comply with performance requirements of the U.S. industry standard. The Consumer Products Safety Commission says that the dresser poses a hazard because it can tip-over and trap children and cause serious injuries or even death. Consumers who have this dresser should stop using it unless it is secured to a wall. The company is providing a dresser leg in-home repair, or a technician will come to the home and secure it to a wall.

When a consumer purchases a piece of furniture they do so believing that it is something that will not hurt them. Most of the time furniture manufacturers understand the importance of creating a safe product. Their furniture goes through many safety checks and appropriate instructions are provided to the consumer. Unfortunately not every piece of furniture goes through rigorous safety checks and children have been seriously injured or killed by a falling dresser.

If a family believes their loved one was seriously injured because of a defective product may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in products liability. An attorney can investigate the cause of the accident and hold the negligent companies responsible for their mistakes.