The serious harms that result in a motorcycle crash

When a beautiful day lands on a weekend, residents in Kentucky think of ways to enjoy the outdoors. For motorcycle enthusiasts, this means taking to the road either solo or in a large group of bikers. But the weather does not need to be clear, sunny and warm for motorcyclists to be out and about. Year round, motorcyclists are observed on the roadways; however, there numbers increase during the warmer months. This means that motorists must always be aware of their potential presence, as these small vehicles can easily hide in a blind spot.

Based on current figures, roughly 5,000 people die from motorcycle accidents each year in the United Stated. Additionally, another 80,000 are injured as a result of these crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that about 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in the driver suffering an injury or death. To put this in perspective and highlight the major concern surrounding this type of vehicle, this rate is 20% for car accidents.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, serious injuries could result. This could includes injuries to the brain and spine, broken bones, amputations, road rash and injuries a victim cannot recover from, leading to permanent disabilities or even death.

Because a motorcyclist does not have the same protection as other motor vehicle passengers, the injuries can be more severe when an accident ensues. Even when a helmet and protective gear is worn, this does not always guard against serious and fatal injuries. Oftentimes, bikers are thrown from their bike, cause harm from initial impact and from the impact with the ground when they fall.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be gruesome, making it imperative that one understands their rights and options following such a collision. A personal injury action could aid a victim when it comes to determining the cause and liability of the accident and assessing the damages they suffered. This could result in the injured motorcyclist recovering compensation to address these losses.