Products available for purchase online despite explosion risks

This year has been a big one for online retailers. However, it is important that you understand the risks you face when purchasing certain products online. A recent investigation found that many products remain available for sale online despite the fact that many customers have reported that they cause explosions, fires and similar safety hazards.

Per Business Insider, some products available through one of the nation’s largest online retailers pose a serious threat to consumers. These products include certain phone chargers, USB cords, microwaves and surge protectors. The products in question come straight from the retailer and are not third-party products.

Product risks

Research shows that online consumers have authored more than 1,500 reviews of the 70 products in question. The reviews detail how they catch fire, explode, melt or otherwise malfunction. Some such products, among them a microwave many consumers claim creates fire risks, underwent review by a prominent university to determine whether they were safe for use.

Researchers found that the microwave in question did pose a serious safety threat to you and anyone who uses it. The microwave heated up to the point where fire became a possibility, potentially endangering anyone present while the appliance is in use.

Dangerous products still available

Research shows that there are still 30 products believed to pose explosion and fire risks listed for sale on the retailer’s website. All 30 of these products have three or more reviews from customers who claim they present fire hazards. After news about the dangers associated with some of these products became public, the retailer removed some of them from their website.