Does your vehicle have a dangerous backup camera?

The Ford Motor Company recently announced the recall of more than 700,000 cars, trucks and SUVs due to potentially dangerous backup cameras. The covered vehicles have reverse cameras that may show distorted images or go blank at inopportune times.

If you have a vehicle that appears in the safety recall notice, you may take it to the dealership for a replacement backup camera at no cost. While Ford’s leaders indicated they have no information about accidents or injuries related to faulty backup cameras, the camera on your vehicle may increase your odds of sustaining a serious injury or injuring someone else.

An obstructed view

Car backup cameras give drivers about an 80-degree view of the area behind their vehicles. Consequently, even when the camera functions optimally, you likely already have an obstructed view when reversing.

With footage from a defective camera, however, you may see distorted images or further obstructions. If you do not recognize this risk and rely too heavily on your camera, you may collide with an object.

A blank screen

When you use the backup camera on your vehicle, you depend on it to show you a realistic image. If an adult or child runs behind your vehicle when your screen is dark, you may inadvertently back into the person. This, of course, may cause serious bodily harm.

Your legal duty

Safety recalls are vitally important in modern society. As a driver, you have a legal duty to operate your vehicle reasonably and responsibly. If you ignore the safety recall, you may breach this duty.

Out of respect for this legal duty and to avoid putting yourself and others in danger, you probably want to make responding to the recall notice a top priority.