Does your car have a recall?

On March 9, 2021, Kia, the Korean carmaker, announced a recall for their 2017-2021 Sportage and Cadenza models. The concern stems from electronic components that could short circuit and cause fires in the engine.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put out an advisory that stated the safest place for these vehicles is outside and away from the home. If you have a car or truck that gets recalled, what should you do?

What is a recall?

A safety recall becomes issued if the NHTSA or the manufacturer believes that a vehicle or its equipment poses a safety risk or does not meet vehicle safety standards. The vehicle manufacturer must file a report containing:

  • Description of the flaw
  • What determined the recall decision
  • Explanation of the solution
  • Recall schedule

If you notice a problem with your car, you can report it to the NHTSA. They will add the complaint to their database. If others report the same problem, NHTSA may start an investigation.

What to do?

The manufacturer has to attempt to notify all registered owners of the vehicles by mail within 60 days. The letter should instruct you:

  • How to get the problem fixed
  • The time frame of when the fix is available
  • How long the repairs should take
  • Who to contact if there is a problem getting the repair

If you believe your care is part of the safety recall, contact the manufacturer or service center. They will look up the VIN to verify. You can also go to NHTSA’s website and use the VIN lookup tool to check for recalls.