Which is more dangerous, a city street or a rural road?

Whether you think a city street is more or less dangerous than a rural road may depend on where you live. People often think that the roads they are most used to are the least dangerous, simply because they have more experience driving there. It feels more natural to them.

But have you ever stopped to really think about where you may face greater danger? Is a city street or a rural road a more risky place to drive, when considering car wrecks and the ramifications of these crashes?

Higher accident rates exist on rural roads

One way to compare the two is by looking at accident rates, and specifically fatal accident rates. What you’ll find is that they’re much higher on rural roads.

First and foremost, the total number of fatal accidents is about the same. Half happen on rural roads and half happen on city streets. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that means that the risk is the same in either location, though.

What you have to consider is that about 30% of all miles are driven on these rural roads. About 70% of the remaining miles are on city streets. So, if you have half of the fatal accidents on roads that only see a bit less than a third of the traffic, it’s clear that the deadly accident rates are higher in rural areas.

That doesn’t mean there are more accidents. For instance, one of the biggest reasons for this rate is speed. The limits are higher on rural roads, in a general sense. This makes it more likely that a crash will be fatal. You may have fewer accidents overall, with fewer cars involved, but you still get to half of the total road deaths. That shows where the true risk lies.

Serious accidents happen everywhere

Of course, when other drivers make mistakes, you can be seriously injured in a crash on any street. If you are, you need to know how to seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, funeral costs if a loved one is killed, lost earning potential and much more.