Could your range tip over because of defective design?

Winter is a time when people tend to gather in the kitchen. Between big holiday meals and comfort eating, the kitchen is a major destination. Most people think of their kitchen as a safe space, but, unfortunately, they contain many dangerous elements.

Your range or oven is a perfect example. Generally, this appliance is just a tool that you use to cook. However, bad design might make it incredibly dangerous. Currently, there is a substantial recall underway in the United States for name-brand ranges that could potentially tip over if users did not install the safety bracket or installed the bracket improperly.

GE and other brands have recalled over 140,000 ranges

You may cook multiple things in your oven and on your stovetop simultaneously during the holidays. When you have a turkey in the oven and gravy simmering on the stovetop, a simple cooking decision could lead to severe injuries.

If you set the turkey down on the open oven door to get a better grip on it through the potholders you use, the entire oven could tip over. You can suffer severe burns from the gravy or the heat from the device itself. You could break bones or damage your joints from the weight of the oven on your body. You could also suffer a brain injury if the device knocks you back onto the floor.

Children and animals nearby when an oven tips can suffer severe injuries or even die. There are multiple brands involved in the recall, so those who bought a new range in 2021 may need to check to see if theirs is one of the affected units. Although there haven’t been any reported injuries or fatalities with this current recall, anyone who knows how quickly children move through a kitchen will understand why this issue is such a serious concern.

Those hurt by bad products have legal rights

Consumer safety laws protect those who get hurt or suffer financial losses because of poorly-designed products or inadequate manufacturing safeguards. If your family gets hurt because of an appliance that tips over or a Christmas present that shorts out and starts a fire, you may be able to take action against the manufacturer that produced the item or the retailer that sold it to you.

Learning more about defective product claims can help you get compensation for the injuries or property damage you suffered.