Should I wear more than a helmet on my motorcycle?

Getting out on the open road on your bike can be thrilling. Cruising down the road in the open air on a motorcycle can give you an enhanced sense of freedom.

The exhilarating experience of riding a motorcycle can come to a quick halt when you are in an accident. In those moments, you hope to have the right gear to keep you safe.

You already know you should wear a helmet on your bike. These are a few additional pieces of safety gear that can protect you in a crash.

Gloves and boots

If you are in an accident, one of your first instincts is to try to catch your fall with your hands or feet. These are some of the areas of the body that can receive the most trauma since they hit the ground first.

When looking for gloves and boots to protect you on your bike, you should look for a pair made out of a durable material like leather or a strong synthetic blend. Ideally, your gloves and boots should be able to protect you from impact and road rash.

Durable jacket and pants

Summer can be a challenging time to get your bike out. While the weather seems ideal, it may not be the time when you want to put on long sleeves and long pants.

Wearing protective clothing like a leather jacket and motorcycle-specific pants can often be the difference between a fatal and non-fatal injury. Your helmet protects your head, but if an accident results in severe cuts and burns from the road, you could have fatal injuries on other parts of your body.

Similar to your gloves and boots, you should look for gear made of durable materials, like denim, leather and some synthetics. You should avoid clothing that leaves you exposed or would tear very easily in an accident.

When you take extra precautions to protect your body on your motorcycle, you increase the chances that you will survive a crash.