Natural remedy manufacturer announces product recall

Many parents, for whatever reasons, are more comfortable giving their youngsters medications and remedies that are made from all-natural ingredients as opposed to those churned out by “Big Pharma,” to which the nation’s pharmaceutical is frequently referred. Perhaps treating their children with nature-based supplements is just a corollary to the organic lifestyles that these families […]

Understanding pacemaker failure

Patients in Kentucky who have undergone a surgical procedure to implant a pacemaker should be aware that these medical devices tend do malfunction far more often than their manufacturers acknowledge. Such was the finding of a recent study reported by Nova, the popular PBS series. Based on the research of a University of California physician, […]

What are common causes of truck accidents?

As a motorist in Kentucky, you may be familiar with driving alongside commercial tractor trailers on a regular basis. These massive vehicles are vital to the economy, as they distribute necessary goods across the state and throughout the country. Due to their length, height and weight, tractor trailers must be operated by specially trained drivers […]