Fire hazard leads to recall of 200,000 Honda generators

When a storm hits Kentucky, you worry about a long-term power outage. While you don’t plan to go off the grid and set up your own power system entirely, you do want something to help until they get the lines back up again. So, you go out and you buy a generator. If you chose […]

Vehicle recalls-ignore or take seriously?

If you receive a recall notice about your vehicle, you may be like other car owners in Kansas and throughout the country and ignore it. Manufacturers send out recall notices about safety concerns of a particular vehicle so the owners can fix the problem at no charge to them. Because recalls typically relate to safety […]

Manual transmission, inexperience and the risk of a crash

In recent years, vehicles with automatic transmission have become increasingly common. Many drivers prefer the convenience associated with these types of vehicles and would rather avoid some of the tasks that come with driving a stick shift. However, there are many vehicles with manual transmission on the road, and some people may not have very […]