Delayed pain injuries pose a threat after a car accident

Car accidents can harm victims in many ways, including physically, emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous results of car accidents are not apparent right away. Many victims suffer needless harm for months or even years afterward.

When a car accident occurs, the drivers and passengers involved probably experience a rush of adrenaline and panic, and may breathe a sigh of relief if they walk away from the collision with only light scrapes and bruises. The adrenaline rush that accompanies the experience can easily distract victims from injuries that are not visible. Without immediate medial care, victims may not realize that they sustained injuries that do not cause immediate pain.

Delayed pain injuries are common in car accidents, which is why it is wise for victims to receive a complete medical examination immediately. A qualified doctor or medical care provider can help identify hidden injuries and treat them before they worsen, which can lead to long-term suffering and even death.

Some delayed pain injuries are life-threatening

Two common, deadly injuries that result from car accidents may not cause any pain at all until they are difficult to treat and potentially deadly. Internal bleeding and damaged organs are both typically painless at first.

When internal bleeding is not severe, the body simply attempts to heal itself and may not create any notable pain. However, if the bleeding continues for a significant amount of time, the site of the injury can develop a serious infection, and the infection can spread throughout a victim’s entire body through the circulatory system. Widespread infections are not easy to treat, and pose a very real threat to the victim’s life.

Similarly, the body may attempt to heal partially damaged organs, which may or may not succeed. If healing the organ is not successful, the organ ceases to function, at which point the victim experiences tremendous pain. Without emergency medical care, the rest of the organs in the victim’s body will also cease to function, which is deadly and very painful.

Some injuries cause long-term suffering

Other injuries that do not cause immediate pain can still cause immense suffering without proper treatment. Soft-tissue injuries may not become painful for a few hours or even a day after the accident, but once stiffness and soreness sets in, a victim may feel practically paralyzed.

Likewise, spinal injuries may not create pain immediately, but pinched or severed nerves can cause pain for the rest of the victim’s life without proper, timely treatment.

If the victim suffers a blow to the head, they may receive a mild traumatic brain injury, which can affect their temperament and quickly ruin their professional and personal lives.

If you experience a car accident in Kentucky, be sure to seek professional medical care as soon as possible, to ensure that you do not suffer needlessly and create a strong basis for a personal injury claim if it is necessary. Proper medical care and a strong legal strategy help protect your rights and best interests while you work toward physical and financial recovery.