Popular ice cream recalled due to potential nut issues

Food allergies are a serious concern for those who suffer from them and for those who provide care for older adults with children who have them. Thankfully, advances in labeling laws have made it easier for people to avoid items that contain ingredients to which they have an allergy.

In fact, some allergies are so severe that companies must now label whether their products come out of a facility that manufactures other products with certain ingredients.

Those particularly dangerous allergens could include milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and even gluten, which is a component of wheat. Consumers have learned to trust the labels provided by manufactured food products. Unfortunately, that can occasionally leave people vulnerable to potential allergen exposure if a company makes a mistake. A recent recall of a popular ice cream highlights this particular risk for people with serious food allergies.

Ben & Jerry’s issued an allergen contamination recall

Ben & Jerry’s brand has become synonymous with indulgent ice cream over the last few decades. This Vermont-based company is internationally famous for its creative and fun flavors, many of which are limited edition releases. Other staples, like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey have massive popular followings. People stop into branded ice cream shops and buy the packaged sweets at grocery stores.

Those who live for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream who have nut allergies should take a moment to carefully look at recall information. Select pints of Chunky Monkey ice cream, as well as bulk packages of Coconut Seven Layer Bars are currently under recall due to an unlisted nut contamination. Specific nuts present in the ice cream or previously on the equipment aren’t listed on the packaging.

While the labels do say that the product may contain walnuts, the concerns are that there may be Brazil nuts, almonds or hazelnuts in some of the ice cream. Given that nut allergies can sometimes cause a rapid anaphylactic shock reaction, those who purchase Ben & Jerry’s ice cream should make sure that their pints or bars don’t fall into the recalled batches.

Consumers rely on accurate packaging for their own safety

When you or someone you love has a serious food allergy, you are dependent on the companies whose products you buy for accurate information. A company failing to list an allergen, or producing food on contaminated equipment, could leave you or someone you love at serious risk of an adverse medical event.

Thankfully, there are protections in place for consumers who wind up harmed by dangerous or improperly labeled products. Anyone who becomes sick due to a contaminated product may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the company responsible.