Products available for purchase online despite explosion risks

This year has been a big one for online retailers. However, it is important that you understand the risks you face when purchasing certain products online. A recent investigation found that many products remain available for sale online despite the fact that many customers have reported that they cause explosions, fires and similar safety hazards. […]

Statistics on drowsy driving

Many people recognize that alcohol use affects one’s driving abilities, as well as distractions such as phones and other devices. However, some people do not pay close attention to drowsiness and they get behind the wheel even though they are too tired to drive safely. Sadly, drowsy driving results in many collisions each year, some […]

Recognizing the scope of medical malpractice

Research published within the past few years indicates that the scope of medical malpractice is much wider than many people realize. A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine from 2016 indicates that medical malpractice may be the third-leading cause of death in the United States, killing at least 250,000 people per year. While official figures from […]

Job loss and fatal traffic collisions

Those who find themselves out of work face many different challenges, whether they are overwhelmed with financial problems due to missing work or they cannot sleep at night because they are worried about their career. All of these hardships cause some people to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, while others become very fatigued or stressed […]

How can airbags cause injuries in a car accident?

When you are in a car crash, the resulting health complications may come in part from a faulty airbag.  Knowing what medical complications these malfunctioning devices can cause and why these injuries happen can help you know what steps to take next.  Impact and severity According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, front and […]

Faulty fuel pumps to blame for 1.8 million recalled Toyotas

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, recently announced an expansion of its recall of some passenger cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs. The latest recall notice, which covers both Toyota and Lexus brands, affects 1.8 million vehicles in the U.S. The recall addresses faulty fuel pumps that may lead to engine stalls or reduced vehicle performance. If you […]

Mental hardships arising from a large truck crash

Large truck collisions lead to many difficulties for those involved, from physical pain and the inability to walk to financial problems. In fact, some accident victims develop counterproductive mental challenges, such as an anxiety disorder or depression. Even though it is very hard for many victims to stay positive and live a healthy lifestyle in […]

Hand sanitizers containing methanol pulled from store shelves

Using hand sanitizer is more important than ever these days, and the product has become so in demand that consumers in Kentucky may be anxious to purchase a bottle the minute they see it on store shelves, regardless of its brand. However, over 100 hand sanitizer products have been recalled because they contain methanol — […]

Why are product recalls important?

Products are often placed onto store shelves and sold to consumers even though they are unsafe or contain manufacturing defects. A product recall is a procedure where defective or dangerous product are retrieved from consumers. In some cases, these recalls can lead to product liability lawsuits. Product recall defined Recalls are usually issued when a […]

Personal injury damages for accident victims

Victims of defective products, medical malpractice and car accidents share one thing in common. All may suffer physical, financial and emotional damages in an unexpected car accident because of a negligent driver; in a medical malpractice incident disappointing the trust they placed in their medical care provider; or because of a dangerous or defective everyday […]