Could miscounting lead to a medical mistake?

There are many reasons that medical mistakes happen, and patients can suffer serious harm. These mistakes are often known as “never events” because they shouldn’t happen, but there are thousands upon thousands of cases every year. You may be wondering why these mistakes happen, and the reasons vary from instance to instance. But it’s important […]

Should I wear more than a helmet on my motorcycle?

Getting out on the open road on your bike can be thrilling. Cruising down the road in the open air on a motorcycle can give you an enhanced sense of freedom. The exhilarating experience of riding a motorcycle can come to a quick halt when you are in an accident. In those moments, you hope […]

Why are truck accidents so dangerous?

A certain sense of fear comes with being involved in an accident. You may quickly shift from fear to terror when the accident is with a large semi. Semis are not just larger vehicles; they often out-weigh an average car by 10 to 20 times. While size is a factor, there is more than size […]

How do you find out about product recalls?

If a product is recalled, you’ll know about it, right? Well, the answer isn’t really that clear. Depending on what the product is and if the company or manufacturer is aware that you bought it, you may or may not be notified of a recall at all. It’s pretty common for people to be notified […]

Prescription drugs could be to blame for your recent car crash

When someone causes a car crash, you will scrutinize their behavior afterward for an explanation. Maybe they have their phone in their hands, which makes it clear that distraction is why they caused the wreck. Perhaps their slurred speech and the heavy smell of alcohol will let you know that they got behind the wheel […]

2 reasons drowsy driving is a safety issue you shouldn’t ignore

You probably know all about the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving, but do you even think of drowsy driving as a noteworthy concern? Many people don’t realize that exhausted or fatigued drivers are a real safety risk. Once you learn the truth about the consequences of drowsy driving, you will likely try to […]

Can you make a claim against someone other than the drunk driver?

After a car crash, liability determines who pays the costs. When a drunk driver swerves into your lane of traffic or falls asleep at the wheel and loses control, they will be the one with financial responsibility for the crash that results. Often, drunk drivers can cause major property damage and severe injuries to someone […]

Do you have to carry underinsured motorist coverage in Kentucky?

Driving in Kentucky, you should know that there is a risk that other drivers don’t have car insurance or aren’t carrying enough to cover the damage if one does occur. Interestingly, despite that risk, you are not obligated to carry underinsured motorist coverage in this state. If you don’t have this coverage now, this is […]

Avoid these mistakes after an accident

A car accident is a vulnerable time for the accident victim. Despite how much they may need fair compensation for their injuries, there is no guarantee they will receive the money they deserve. Making a single mistake can cost an accident victim the compensation they need to cover the thousands of dollars in expenses from […]

Tourism brings new risks on Somerset’s roads

Somerset is a beautiful area with popular tourist destinations, which means that there may be an uptick of auto accidents in the spring and summer months as the temperatures rise and more people head to Lake Cumberland. Preventing car crashes with tourists can be difficult, but you do have options that could help you stay […]