Do vehicle recalls end a manufacturer’s liability for a defect?

Motor vehicle recalls happen all the time, and only the most extreme ones make the national news. Consumers often find out about issues with their vehicles when the dealership where they purchased the vehicle or the manufacturer contacts them to notify them of a recall. The vehicle recall process often involves requiring consumers to present […]

How businesses may prevent slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall injuries represent an anathema for businesses. Such injuries may overcome customers as well as employees inside and outside a facility. Liability issues surface and fingers of blame get pointed directly at business owners. It is crucial that companies create well-researched plans on addressing how to prevent these injuries. A number of areas […]

Could your range tip over because of defective design?

Winter is a time when people tend to gather in the kitchen. Between big holiday meals and comfort eating, the kitchen is a major destination. Most people think of their kitchen as a safe space, but, unfortunately, they contain many dangerous elements. Your range or oven is a perfect example. Generally, this appliance is just […]

Stay safe in the fall and winter while driving in Somerset

Living in Somerset, you’re in a beautiful area that has lakes, tourism and lovely weather most of the year. You’re also near multiple highways and busy roadways where people may cause crashes. As the seasons chill, it’s common to see people from up north heading into Somerset for a few final weekends away from the […]

The dangers of a latex allergy and symptoms that surface

An allergic reaction to latex can happen in an operating room – one that you were assured would be latex-free. Despite all precautions, such an avoidable complication may arise due to an absent-minded member of the medical care team, who brought in a latex-containing item. The results of a latex allergy may prove fatal, leading […]

Diagnostic mistakes by doctors are far more common than you think

That dry itchy patch of skin could be the result of an allergic reaction to a new soap, a ringworm infection or the sign of a much more serious autoimmune issue. You will only know the true cause when you go to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Generally, the knowledge acquired from years […]

Vehicle collisions with an uninsured/underinsured motorist in Kentucky

After a serious motor vehicle collision, individuals often worry about the possibility of financial ruin. The combination of medical bills, lost wages and vehicle repairs can often seem overwhelming. Fortunately, drivers carry an insurance policy designed to alleviate these financial concerns. What happens, then, if the driver who caused the accident does not carry an […]

Which is more dangerous, a city street or a rural road?

Whether you think a city street is more or less dangerous than a rural road may depend on where you live. People often think that the roads they are most used to are the least dangerous, simply because they have more experience driving there. It feels more natural to them. But have you ever stopped […]

Trends people need to know in modern vehicle recalls

Your vehicle may be the single most safety-critical item you own. If you can’t trust your car to operate properly, you could get into a crash that you have no way to prevent regardless of how careful or skillful of a driver you are. When motor vehicle manufacturers discover defects in the design of their […]

Understanding the Phillips Dreamstation recall

Phillips is the manufacturer of many medical and household products. Recently, Phillips announced a recall of several of their BiPAP and CPAP machines, including some of those in the Dreamstation line and a few others. BiPAP and CPAP perform a vital function for their users to support breathing and respiratory health. A recently uncovered issue […]